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Machine Pec Deck Fly

Main Muscle: Chest

Machine Pec Deck Fly
Machine Pec Deck Fly


·       Sit in the machine, press your upper back and hips against the pads, and place your feet flat on the floor. Adjust the seat so that the handles are at chest level.


·       Grasp the handles with a closed neutral grip; in this position, your elbows will be slightly flexed, and your upper arms and forearms should be parallel with the floor.


·       With your back squarely against the pad, forcefully bring the handles all the way together, making sure to keep your elbows up to make the movement more efficient and to reduce the risk of injury.


·       When your hands touch, squeeze your pectorals hard for a count. Reversing the motion, allow the handles to go back to a point at which you feel a strong stretch in your pecs before beginning your next rep. When returning to the starting position don’t let the weight rest on the stack. 

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