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Leg Press

Main Muscle: Legs

Leg Press
Leg Press


·       Lie on the incline leg press machine with your entire back and hips supported (in contact with the pads).


·       Place your feet shoulder-width (hip-width) apart (or a little more) and in the middle of the foot platform with your toes turned out slightly or pointing straight forward.


·       Release the safety lock on the machine and press the platform stopup until your legs are fully extended in front of you (do not lock your knees). Your torso and the legs should make a perfect 90-degree angle.


·       Slowly lower the platform until your thighs approach your torso (or stop when your knees are at 90-degree angle) but without raising your hips from the bench.


·       Keep your foot flat and your back pressed into the seat. Pause a moment before pressing through your heels to return the platform to the starting position at full leg extension but without locking out the knees. 

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