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Cable Lat Pull Overs

Main Muscle: Back

Cable Lat Pull Overs
Cable Lat Pull Overs


  • Face a cable machine with a straight bar attachment slightly higher than head height.


  • From here, grab the handle with an overhand grip (about shoulder-width apart) and take a step or two back away from the machine.


  • With the core engaged and shoulders down and back, set feet shoulder width apart and hinge forward slightly.


  • Now, keep your arms straight and pull the bar down - pulling with your lats!


  • Once the straight bar handle attachment reaches your thighs, pause for a moment as you squeeze your lats, then slowly let your arms return to the start position, maintaining your forward hip hinge until all of your reps are complete.


  • Once you have completed your desired number of repetitions, you can then slowly return to an upright position while allowing the bar handle attachment to carefully return to the top (don't just let it go and whip back up, obviously).

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